I.  You must choose the item.

II. Once you have chosen the item, you must add the product to the trolley by pressing on the button “add to trolley”.  

III. We will ask you your account and password, if you are registered; you just have to introduce your information. If you are not registered yet and you want to register, you can do that by clicking the register link situated above this Website and, this way, you will have an account and a password to use in other transactions on our Website. You could buy products; receive information about offers and promotions, know how the order goes, etc. In your customer file card all your personal details will be registered, that is why you do not have to refill all the information anytime you buy something. When you buy an item all the transaction will be made under a safe connection which guarantees the confidentiality of your details.  

ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. with  VAT number B90383464 sells and distribute all the products on this online service. Sales transactions will be made in

Carretera de la Exclusa. Parcela 2.3 Módulo 4- Zona de Actividades Logísticas - 41011 - Sevilla - Spain

The price for the items and services is the one indicated at any time on our Website.

The products offered are for the final consumer in the terms and conditions set out on the Ley del Comercio Minorista.