General Conditions


The information set out in the current conditions and the details set out in this webpage are not a sale offer, they are an invitation to contract. There will be no contract between you and ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. related to any product until we accept your order and you receive your “order confirmation”. If your order is not accepted and you have already made the payment, you will be repaid.   
To place an order, you must follow the instructions of “how to buy online”. You must take into account that your order is an offer from you to us to buy one or more products. So, we have to accept all the orders. We will send you an email to confirm your product is being sent (order confirmation).
The contract will be formalized once we send you the “order confirmation”.


The customer will make an order clicking “add to trolley”. The order will be added to a complete order in which you can see all the products confirmed by the client when you click the button “I accept all the terms and conditions and make the payment” in the menu bar. ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. VAT number B90383464 sells and distribute all the products in this online service. Sales transactions will be made in Carretera de la Exclusa. Parcela 2.3 Módulo 4- Zona de Actividades Logísticas - 41011 Sevilla - Spain 
The price for the items and services is the one indicated at any time on our website.
The products offered in the services are for the final consumer in the terms and conditions set out in the Ley del Comercio Minorista.

DELIVERY COMPANY. Deliveries will be delivered by the transport enterprise SEUR.


ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. will confirm the order (once the payment has been made and checked by the customer) sending an email. The contract of sale will not be effective until ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. society will confirm the order.
ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. reserves the possibility of not confirming one order because of any reason.  


All the item prices on this webpage are in Euros and they have the VAT included. The price in the invoice is the same price you can see in the order confirmation sent by ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L.


You can pay your purchases by:
- Credit or Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Euro 6000, Spanish Maestro, American Express.
- Paypal.
- Visa, Master Card and American Express have a special system to make secure payments on the Internet. The system for the Secure Electronic Commerce is based on that. The card emitter (the bank) identifies the card owner before they authorise the payment on the Internet.   
- Your credit card must be rejected by one of the following reasons:
a) The card can be expired. You must check your card has not exceeded the period of its validity.  
b) You can reach your card limit. You must check with your bank your card has not exceeded the limit to make purchases.  
c) You can write some information which is not correct. You must check that you have filled all the information needed.
- Bank transfer or deposit into our account… Number…  


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ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. never keeps personal details from our users, with the exception of the IP address, unless you want to register voluntary to make purchases or to receive information.
When you navigate through our Website you agree with the service of cookies, and in the conditions included in the current cookies policy.


To request a refund we need you to send us the following information by email to
Order details:

Order number/reference:
Item you are going to refund:
Customer’s name and surname:
Customer’s address:


Remarks: If the reason of the refund is a defect/fault or incorrect/wrong delivery you must describe here the reason of the refund.

1st REFUND.- The items you buy on the Internet can be refunded within 14 calendar days since the arrival of the item. In the case of unilateral desisting, the customer will pay for the delivery costs of the refund.

The item must be in perfect conditions, it must have its original wrapping and with the accessories and gifts included in each case. Once the product has been verified, we will give you the money back according to the same way you have paid within 14 calendar days from the item reception in our storehouse.

2nd Defect and incorrect/wrong deliveries.- If the item you bought has any defect or you have not order it, you can refund it within 14 calendar days.
In this case, delivery charges will be paid by ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L.
However, the item must be in perfect conditions, with its original wrapping and with the accessories or gifts included. Once the product has been verified, we will give you the money back according to the same way you have paid within 14 calendar days from the item reception in our storehouse.

The same transport and courier company used by ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. will send refunded items.

Refunds will not be accepted:
For reasons of public health and hygiene, we will not accept the refund of beauty products, cosmetics, personal care, perfumes, swimsuits, underwear, lingerie, socks, etc.

We will not accept perfume refunds unless that the product will not be damaged and its original wrapping has not been removed.  

We will not accept clothes refunds if the clothes has been used somehow.
Clothes must be in perfect conditions and with its original label.


The acceptance of the current legal basis implies the subscription to the Piel de Toro Newsletter (newsletter where you can see all the news and brand advertising). In addition, you can access to your data, change them, cancel them or you can oppose to its use, in compliance with of the L.O. 15/1999 on the 13th of December about personal data protection, you can write with this purpose to


In compliance with the Ley Orgánica 15/1999 on the 13th of December, about personal data protection, we will inform you that your personal data you give us through this website, by telephone or by email will be confidential and they will be part of a file of ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L.  Your personal data will be used when you ask for information, in the management and delivery of ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. services and to deliver future commercial communications.

Moreover, we inform you that you can exercise your right to access, rectify and oppose to the Ley Orgánica 15/199, on the 13th of December about personal data protection to

The user guarantees that the personal data is true and the user is responsible of communicate any kind of changes. The user will be the responsible of any damage or harm, direct or indirect, that ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. could do to any person, because of fake, incorrect, incomplete or not updated personal details. If you include personal details of another person, you must inform this person about what is established on the privacy policy, and you are responsible of this inclusion.


The client knows and accepts that any registered trademark, copyright, industrial designs and other industrial and intellectual property rights about the products, items and equipment which appears in this webpage are property of ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L. which has the right to use it exclusively.
So, you cannot use this material without an express authorisation of ALIGATEX MEDIA S.L.


The use of our website and the purchase of the products through our website will be ruled by the Spanish Law.
In any case of dispute or controversy, the parties, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction, will accept the jurisdiction of the Courts of the City of Seville.